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Shoot the breeze with us!  Our air compressors get the job done.  Thats why you've made us your "first stop rental shop" for over 30 years!

Air Compressors

210 CFM Towable Air Compressor

Wheel Mount
Rated Delivery: 210 CFM
Operating Pressure: 70-165PSIG
Weight: 2385LB
Engine Make: John Deere
Engine Type: Diesel
Number of Cylinders: 4
Bore & Stroke: 4.19" x 5"
Oil Cap: 8.5L
Cooling Syst Cap: 13.2L
Battery Rating: 12V
CCA@ 0F: 700AMPS
Idle Speed: 1650 RPM
Fuel Cap: 109.8L
Full Load speed: 2500RPM
TIRES: 205/75R15 5 BOLT


375 CFM Towable Air Compressor

Ambient Operating Temp. Range: -29 to +52C
Total Receiver Volume: 102L
Rated Delivery: 375 CFM (106m3/min)
Rated Operating Pressure: 150 psig (1034k pa)
Operating Pressure Range: 70-165 psig (480-1138 kPa)
Weight: 3400 lbs

Make: John Deere
Model: 4045HF285 TIER III

Sullivan 375 CFM Compressor

Type Name: Wheel Mount
Rated Delivery: 375 cfm (10.6 m3/min)
Operating Pressure Range: 70-170 psig (4.8-11.72 BA)
Weight, Serviced: 3400 lbs
Engine Make: John Deere
Engire Type: Diesel
Engine Model: 4045T
Number of Cylinders: 4
Bore and Stroke: 4.19" x 5.00" (106 x 127)
Displacement: 276 in3 (4.5L)
Total Oil Capacity: 14 qts. (13.25L)
Cooling System Capacity: 16 qts. (15.1L)
Battery Rating: 12 Volts
CCA @ 0F: 900 Amps
Idle Speed: 1400 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity: 40 gal. (195L)
Full Load Speed: 2500 RPM
TIRES: 225/75R15 6 BOLT


4-18 CFM Portable Air Compressors


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