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Rental Facts

Why should I rent equipment instead of purchasing it?

(1) Renting allows you to use quality equipment without the maintenance and depreciation costs associated with it.  

(2) Renting also allows you to use equipment for a particular job that would otherwise be too expensive to justify its purchase.

(3) Renting provides simpler logistics.  We can deliver directly to your site, saving you from shipping your own equipment for jobs where it isn't justified.

(4) Rentals are also a complete tax write-off!  

 What do you require from me, the customer, to rent equipment?

(1) A piece of valid government issue photo i.d.

(2) A valid credit card for a deposit (in our store or on your site, through our mobile debit machine)

(3) A current phone number


What are your basic rental policies?


(1) A one day rental charge is based on a 24 hour possession period.

(2) A weekly charge would then be 7 days and a monthly charge would be 28 days (4 weeks)

(3) For each rental item with an hour meter there is an allowance for 10 hours run time per 24 hour period, hours over this will have an extra charge.

(4) Gas, diesel, and mixed fuel equipment leaves our shop full and should return full or a fuel charge will apply.

(5) If equipment is not returned clean, cleaning charges may apply

(6) When renting a piece of equipment you assume full responsibility for any damages to the equipment or any other liability during the time of rental

(7) Equipment rental charges are based on a time out, even if equipment goes unused.

Can I apply for a charge account with Action Equipment Rentals?

Yes! We offer charge accounts to our customers.  After having rented from us before, simply fill out our credit application (linked below) and return it to us.  Our account department will review the application and contact you.

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